Behind The Scenes

Hi! I'm Julianna and I own Gasp!

I opened Gasp in 2021 , when I was just 22 years old! When I first opened Gasp I was not planing to have an online store! I opened Gasp to be a place you could wander in with friends and family, hang out for a little, look at some cute things, and maybe grab a gift or two! After being open just six months we went viral (thank you tiktok) and were flooded with requests to start an online store, and so we did!

Fast forward two years later and it was time to open a second location.

After looking at a few different cities we fell in love with Charleston, South Carolina. On June 3rd, 2023 we opened on King St. Both stores carry the same inventory, but look completely different!



    The woman behind it all! My mom helps with every aspect of Gasp but most importantly, she mails your order! Mama Gasp carefully packs every order and makes sure they all look extra cute!


    My little sisters! Celia works on our online store writing product descriptions! If you see any typos on the website it was her not me I swear! You'll find Lila working the register in our Winter Park store sometimes, or sometimes helping pack orders at Gasp HQ, or doing whatever random task we need help with!

  • ALANA!

    My bestie since SECOND GRADE! Since before Gasp even opened me an Alana dreamed about the day she would start working at Gasp, and that day is here! Alana works at HQ helping process allllll the inventory while also doing lots of work on our online store too!