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Ace of Hearts Ceramic Dish

Ace of Hearts Ceramic Dish

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Ace of Hearts Ceramic Dish!

This  5.5" x 4.5" x 1.5" handmade ceramic dish looks like an ace of hearts playing card! The dish is a white rectangle with a red "A" and a little red heart on two corners! The center has a listed red heart and each side has a little divot!

The perfect dish to decorate your home! If you love a cute hearts aesthetic then you need this dish! This adorable dish will make sure you never lose your jewelry again! This dish would look so good sitting on your bedside table, desk or coffee table! The best catch-all for your miscellaneous items! If you have a bunch of things without homes then you need this dish to store them! This dish is a great way to keep your tables organized and looking cute! The playing card is such a unique design that is bound to stand out! This multi-purpose dish would look so good on a coffee table next to a candle! If you love playing cards with your friends then this is a must-have!

Gift your friend this fabulous dish! This dish would make a great gift for teenagers or college kids! A super easy way to keep track of little items that are always going missing! Keep this dish on your desk so you never lose your everyday jewelry! Gift your mom, sister or friends this adorable dish to match their vibes! This dish would make such a cute addition to your room! If you're looking for a simple, practical and adorable gift this dish is perfect! A quick and easy present that will be used every day and everyone would love! Pair this amazing dish with one of our trays to give a useful gift! You can even grab this dish and a few of our other matching items to make a themed table! Check out our whole collection of fun dishes! Unique designs include patterns, icons, animals, foods, quotes and more! Choose your favorite dishes to redecorate your home!

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