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Aperol Spritz Air Freshener

Aperol Spritz Air Freshener

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Aperol Spritz Air Freshener!

This adorable air freshener features a cute glass of Orange Aperol Spritz with an orange slice, ice and is even topped with a white and orange striped straw!

Its bright coloring is sure to pop in your car or any room in your home that needs a sweet orange scent! The best air freshener to give your car the cutest vibes! If you're looking for a way to upgrade your ride this air freshener is perfect! Let everyone know what you'd be drinking if you weren't driving! Share some Aperol Spritz love with the cutest air freshener! The best air freshener for drives to the beach during the summer! If you love a good cocktail then this air freshener is a must have! Drive around in style with this aesthetic air freshener! Double sided so you can see the design from all angles!

This would be such a cute gift for yourself or your bestie who loves an Aperol spritz! A great gift for anyone who s go to order is an Aperol Spritz! Such a fun practical gift that your friends will use everyday! This air freshener is perfect for elevating your cars decorations! The best preset for a mom, sister or even fun grandma that love a good Aperol Spritz! Set the right vibes in your car with this fabulous air freshener! The best way to let everyone know you're a hot girl! Pair this adorable air freshener with our Aperol Spritz mirror to give your bestie! You can even grab this air freshener and a few of our car coaster to give your ride a makeover! Check out our whole collection of air fresheners! Unique designs include quotes, animals, patterns, icons, saying and so much more! Find your favorite air freshener to get your car smelling good and looking cool! 

Topped with an elastic band, it easily hangs from your rearview mirror! 

Made in the USA!

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