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Beat Up Apple Trinket Dish

Beat Up Apple Trinket Dish

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Beat Up Apple Dish!

This adorable dish is shaped like a bright red apple with two big green leaves with a glossy finish! The dish is decorated with a green and yellow striped caterpillar, orange, green, blue and yellow bandaids, yellow lightning bolts, hearts, stars and so much more! 

The perfect catchall to keep on your desk, bedside table, or bathroom counter for all your jewelry! Throw all your miscellaneous items in this adorable dish! The cutest way to add some personality to your home decor! This funky dish will add a touch of fun to your home!A great gift for teachers looking for unique desk decor! This dish is great gift for your friends who love bright colors! A super easy and practical gift that anyone will utilize!

This dish is perfect for moms, grandmas or anyone who wants to add dun to their decorations! The cutest little scene of a caterpillar in an apple! While you're hear look at our whole collection of trinket dishes! We have designs of smiley faces, eggs, cows, strawberries and so much more! Grab this dish, some of our fun pens and a desk calendar to give the best teacher appreciation present! 

This dish measures about 3.75 x 3.75 inches at its widest points! Each dish is handmade and one of a kind!

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