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Birthday Dinner Greeting Card

Birthday Dinner Greeting Card

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Birthday Dinner Greeting Card!

This adorable 4.25 x 5.5" greeting card has a white background with yellow and orange stripes! The card has a white table with a blue cherry cake, a bottle of wine, two wine glasses, a taper candle, and a vase with pink, red, and orange flowers! The card reads "Happy Birthday!" in black cursive lettering! The back of the card has a white background with orange and yellow stripes! This card has a blank inside for you to customize and comes with a pink envelope!

The cutest birthday card to gift your bestie! This colorful card is a great way to make someone's day extra special! This card sets the perfect birthday dinner scene! Such a cute and fun gift to make your friends smile! This adorable greeting card features the cutest cherry cake design! If your friend loves wine, cake, and cherries then they need this card! Why gift a boring card when you could use this one instead! The classy decorations and wine make this card super girly! No better way to say happy birthday than with an adorable card! This card would complement any present! With such a simple yet exciting design this bday dinner card is a must-have! The stripes help the design stand out! Get everyone talking about your gift when you show up with this card!

Treat your bestie to this fabulous birthday card! Great for anyone who loves birthday dinners! The perfect birthday card for teenagers or college students! This card is a simple and easy gift that anyone would love! Gift this adorable card to your mom, sister, or even grandma! The best card for your wine party loving bestie! If your bestie is in their fancy dinner era then this greeting card is a must have! The cutest color scheme to make your friend smile! This card can be paired with a keychain to give a quick but incredible gift! You can even grab this card and a candle to give the best birthday present! Check out our whole collection of greeting cards! We have a different style for every occasion! Designs include icons, patterns, animals, foods, sayings and more! Choose your favorite cards to give the best gifts this season!

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