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Brown Ribbon Bow Hair Claw Clips

Brown Ribbon Bow Hair Claw Clips

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Brown Ribbon Bow Hair Claw Clips!

These adorable claw clips are shaped like bows! They come in four different colors Blush, Taupe, Cream and Mocha! These clips are 11.5cm x 5.4cm and highly durable!

The perfect bows to elevate your outfit this season! These amazing bows are the cutest way to add some spice to your everyday outfit! If you’re looking for a new unique accessory then these claw clips are a must have! These clips can easily be dressed up or down depending on the occasion! Throw on your favorite dress and your hair up in this clip for a fancy dinner! Or you can throw on sweatpants and a hoodie with this incredible clip for a comfy cute look! The best claw clip to keep your hair in place and comfy all day long! Wear this clip through all your daily activities without a budge! If you’re looking for a new everyday claw clip this one is perfect! A great way to keep your hair back while reading, painting, cooking, cleaning or just walking around! Why use a boring claw clip when you can wear one shaped like a bow! Enter your coquette era with this amazing claw clip! Bows are totally in right now so this claw clip is an absolute must have! No better way to stay on trend and look so good while doing it! These bow claw clips are perfect for half up half downs or complete up-dos! Having a bad hair day, no problem throw your hair in one of these to have a quick and stylish look! The perfect neutral claw clip to match any outfit! 

Treat your bestie to one of these fabulous claw clips! These clips would make a great gift for teenagers or college students! These clips are practical and cute gifts that will be used everyday! If you’re looking for a gift any girl will love then these clips are it! Gift one of these adorable claw clips to your mom, sister or even grandma to upgrade their style! The best clips to fit all hair types, styles and lengths! These claw clips are great gifts for little kids who are loving bows! Such a simple and easy gift to get everyone talking! Add some extra fun to your everyday outfit with one of these incredible bow claw clips! If your bestie is all over the bow trend then she needs one of these claw clips! These claw clips are great for birthdays or just because gifts! The best accessory for any occasion! Pair this incredible claw clip with one of our cute hoodies to complete the look! You can even grab one of these claw clips and one of our pink bows beer can glasses to give a themed gift! Check out our whole collection of unique claw clips! We have variety of different colors and designs featuring patterns, icons, animals, sayings, foods and more! Choose your favorite ones to walk around in style this season!

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