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Buckle Up Car Decal

Buckle Up Car Decal

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Buckle Up Bitches Car Decal!

This 3.75" by .5" vinyl decal features "Buckle Up Bitches" in white lettering with two white flowers! Made of high quality, durable and waterproof vinyl!

The best decal to spice up your car! The perfect reminder to always wear your seatbelt! A cute way to deliver a meaningful message! The perfect car accessory to get your friends talking! This adorable decal would look so good on your rear view mirror, passenger mirror, drivers mirror or on the back of your car! This decal is a cute reminder to stay safe! Such a dainty little decal, yet so fun! Spread some very important information in an easy way with this little decal! Such a subtle piece to make your car safer! Give your ride some personality with this amazing decal! If you're a stickler about seatbelts then this decal is a must have! Such a funny way to remind your friends that in this car we stay safe! 

Give this decal to your bestie who's always telling people to put on their seat belts! An adorable and responsible car decoration! This decal is a  great gift for new drivers or teens! The best 16th birthday present to ensure a new safe driver joins the roads! This decal is perfect for moms and grandmas who are always stressing about passengers wearing their seat belts! If you're looking for a meaningful yet funny gift then this decal is perfect! A light hearted way to make this message heard! Treat yourself or your bestie to this incredible mirror decal! This decal is great for birthday or just because gifts! Let your friends know they should always stay safe with this amazing decal! Pair this decal with one of our disco ball car hangings to upgrade your ride! You can even grab this decal and one of our unique air fresheners to give a great gift! Check out our whole collection of fun car accessories! We have car coasters, license plate covers, car hangings, air fresheners and so much more! Choose your favorite products to upgrade your ride!

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