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Coffee Mug Candle

Coffee Mug Candle

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Coffee Mug Candle!

This candle comes in green and pink!

The green candle smells just like the holidays featuring amber, cedar, eucalyptus, fir, patchouli, pine! The pink candle smells like spring flowers with a scent of amyris, leaves, honeysuckle, lilac, lily, powder!

These candles are the perfect way to make your house smell like your favorite season all year around! The green one is perfect for the holiday season! The pink one is perfect for when you want a fresh clean smell!

These candles are perfect gifts for all your besties! With the coolest designs these coffee mug shaped candles would be the cutest decoration! Who doesn't want a candle shaped like a mug!

These adorable candles are 8oz and reusable! Once you're done sniffing these candles can then be used to sip from again and again! These multi-purpose candles are the perfect gift this holiday season!

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