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Croissant Claw Hair Clip

Croissant Claw Hair Clip

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Croissant Claw Hair Clip!

This adorable hair clip is shaped like a brown croissant!

The perfect hair accessory to upgrade your style! This iconic hair clip is for all the croissant lovers! Why not have your favorite food with you all day long! This unique hair clip can be dressed up or down! Throw this clip in your hair and put on a cute sweatshirt for a comfy look! Or throw your hair in this clip, put on a pair of jeans and a fun top for a walking around town look! This croissant clip is a must have if you love a creative hair clip! This hair clip is for all the thick haired girlies who can never find a clip to hold their hair! Elevate your hair styles this season with the croissant clip! A great clip for teachers who want to add some extra fun to their classroom! Get everyone talking about your croissant clip while you rock it! With a double sided design you can look perfect from all angles!

Give this croissant claw clip to the funniest person you know! Claw clips are super trendy right now and this croissant one is incredible! This clip is great for teenagers and college students! Gift your bestie this fabulous clip so she can walk around in style! This croissant claw clip is a great birthday or just because gift! A comfy and cute way to wear your hair all day long! This clip will make sure your hair stays in place through all you daily activities! The croissant claw clip is a practical and fun hair accessory that your friends will wear all the time! If you're looking for a simple yet exciting gift this clip is perfect! A great gift when you need something quick and easy! Pair this Croissant claw clip with our glass breakfast coffee mug to give a croissant lover their favorite gift! You can even throw together this clip with a few stickers to give a simple and fun gift! While you're here check out our whole collection of fun claw clips! Featuring foods, animals, icons, patterns and so much more! Grab your favorite claw clips to add to your hair accessory collection for the holiday season!

This Croissant claw clip is hand painted and made of eco-friendly, biodegradable material!

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