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Disco Books Vinyl Sticker

Disco Books Vinyl Sticker

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Disco Books Vinyl Sticker!

This 4" sticker features the cutest stack of five books! There is a pink checker book, a thick green book, a thin pink book, a thin yellow book and a blue one! The stack is topped with a silver disco ball!

The cutest sticker for all book lovers! If you've always got a book in your hand then this sticker is a must have! The cutest sticker to add to your reading aesthetic! This disco book sticker would look so good on your notebook, laptop, water bottle or decorating your bookshelf! Let everyone know you're a coquette book lover with this adorable sticker! The color scheme creates the perfect girly vibe! This fun sticker is a great way to let everyone know you're probably reading! Spread the word that reading is in with this sticker! Let everyone know you read in a coquette aesthetic vibe with this sticker! This simple design is full of fun and cuteness! Such an easy way to remind everyone that reading is cool! If you absolutely love a good book then you need this vinyl sticker!

Gift this vinyl sticker to your favorite book lover! Such an aesthetic sticker to make your friend smile! This sticker would make a great birthday, or just because gift! A great gift for teenagers or college students who love to read! Such a simple treat to let your friend know you realize how much they read! This sticker is for your bestie who can't go anywhere without a book! This fabulous sticker is such a quick and easy gift for on the go! If you want to give your friend a little something special for all the books they read this sticker will do the trick! Let you're bestie know her reading is aesthetic with this sticker! Pair this sticker with one of our coquette journals to match the vibe! You can even grab this cute sticker and one of our book lover keychains to give a fun themed gift! Check out our whole collection of stickers! unique designs include patterns, icons, foods, animals, saying, and more! Choose your favorite stickers so you can walk around in style! We also have a whole collection of coquette items! Featuring bow claw clips, air fresheners, trays, dishes and so much more! Chanel your coquette with our adorable products!

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