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Funny Desk Plate Signs

Funny Desk Plate Signs

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Funny Desk Plate Signs!

These hilarious desk signs come in twelve different styles! We have a 'Better Late Than Ugly' sign in white writing on a pink and black layered background! There is the 'Do You Have It In Pink?' which is white lettering on a dark and light pink stacked background! Our 'Noisy Typer' design is white lettering on a red background layered on a light pink background! 'Office Style Icon' is written in white lettering on a dark pink background layered on light pink! We have 'Freak In The (Spread)Sheets written in white lettering on a brown wood background layered on black! 'Boss Lady' features white lettering on a dark pink background layered on light pink!

The best office decoration to make all your co-workers laugh! Whether you work from home or in an office building you need to have these desk plates! With our variety of sayings you can definitely find the one that represents you! These plates are a great way to add some comedy to your work space! The cutest decorations that are simple, but will make a big impact! These plates are great for office holiday parties or just because gifts!

Give each one of your co-workers the plate that resembles them! We all have an employee that has to look good every day so they deserve the 'Better Late Than Ugly' or 'Office Style Icon'! Give office suprilities with these funny desk plates! Treat your mom to this silly decor so she can show it off to all her friends! These plates are perfect for at home offices when you want to get a good laugh in! Give 'Boss Lady' to your bestie who runs the show! These are great Christmas gifts to let your friends know how important they are! Easy gifts for friends, co-workers, employees and family memebers who are always working! These funny plate signs are bound to lighten up the office space!

Check out all our desk decor! We have mousepads, trays, coasters, pens, calendars journals and so much more! Grab one of these desk signs, our fun pens, a mouse pad and a journal to give the best gift for workers! Create your dream desk set up with all the decorations we offer! All our desk decor is practical and cute! Give your desk some personality with these adorable desk plate signs! Treat yourself or your friends to a fun desk addition

These funny desk plate signs are 15cm x 4cm so they won't take up any room on your desk! The perfect subtle way to upgrade your work environment!

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