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Giant Pink Finial Christmas Ornament

Giant Pink Finial Christmas Ornament

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Giant Pink Finial Ornament!

This big pink Finial hanging ornament features an intricate design and has a shiny finish!

This ornament is a must have for the holiday season! The best oversized decoration to add a dramatic touch to your holiday! The cutest pink addition to any house! A great way to spice up your boring Christmas decorations!

Give this giant ornament to your bestie who hosts the holiday parties! A great indoor or outdoor decoration! This ornament would look so good above your door or in your foyer! Paired with our other oversized ornaments you can create the perfect pink wonderland!

This oversized ornament measures 41" long and is made of shatterproof plastic with a wired secured cap for easy hanging!

Product Weight & Dimensions: L13" W13" H41"

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