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Good Times Ahead Tray

Good Times Ahead Tray

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Good Times Ahead Tray!

This light pink tray features "Good Times Ahead" written in cream and orange fun lettering! The tray is decorated with yellow smiley faces, rainbows, butterflies, blue mushrooms, a green leaf, blue heart sunglasses and colorful stars and daisies!

The cutest tray to catch all your miscellaneous items! This tray is perfect for those things on your desk that don't have a home! This tray would look so good on your coffee table, vanity, bedside table or desk! With a fun sayings this tray is a great way to get everyone smiling! An adorable way to get across a very important message! Let all your friends know that good times are ahead with this exciting tray! The variety of icons makes the message even better! This multipurpose tray can be used for jewelry, make up, candles, lighters and more! Make your life easier with this amazing tray!

Treat your bestie to this fabulous tray! If your friends are always losing their important items then they need this tray! Such a cute and practical gift to keep you organized! This tray would make a great gift for teenagers or college students! Such an easy gift that will be used everyday! Gift this fun tray to your mom, sister or even hip grandma! An easy way to spread positivity and happiness! If you're looking forward to the good times ahead then this tray is right for you! Pair this adorable tray with a few pieces of jewelry to give a great gift! You can even grab this tray and one of our unique lighters to give a useful gift! Check out our whole collection of trays and dishes! We have a variety of designs including patterns, icons, animals, foods, sayings and more! Choose your favorite tray to make storage so much easier! These dishes and trays make it so you have no more junk covering your desk! Clean up with these cute items!

This metal tray is 7" x 5.5"!

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