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Hard Cover Travel Journals

Hard Cover Travel Journals

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Hard Cover travel Journals!

These travel journals come in two different designs "Sky High " has a purple cover decorated with white clouds! The center of the front cover has a circle that reads "Travel Journal & Planner"! The "Off Piste" journal has a green cover that has a map design! There is a white lined rectangle with a few trees and a trail drawn inside! Around the rectangle reads "The Road Less Traveled" written in smaller light pink lettering! We also have the "Over The Hills" journal with a brown and blue colored cover that has a doodle design of a windmill, hut and clouds!

These journals are the best way to keep track of all your trips! There are pages for you to write down trip ideas like the destination, details and when to go! These planners are more of a dream journal for all the trips you must accomplish! You can plan itineraries, packing lists, budgets and anything else you'd like to plan out for your journey! There are also pages for you to record your favorite memories, scrapbook and write out the highlights! There are even built in places to write the forecast and number of nights your staying! These Journals also include travel games for when you have some down time on your trip! 

Give this journal to your friend who's always dreaming of epic trips! These journals are the best way to keep your dreams alive and plan them in a practical way! The cute covers add a little inspiration to take your trips anywhere! Fly through the sky to your next exotic destination! Or travel through a jungle on a path not normally taken! These journals are a great birthday, bachelorette or Christmas present to get your friends thinking about their next journey! The best gift for adventurous friends that love to plan! There are so many different ways to utilize this journal! These journals have spaces to plan out 6 different journeys!

There is even a map for your to color in each country you've been to! These journals are the best travel planner for someone who loves to travel the world! Plan out your next backpacking trip around Europe or your mama mia trip to greece! Each page is undated so you can start planning all year long, there can even be year gaps between your trips when you plan them! These journals are the perfect size to throw in your tote or backpack to take with you wherever your journey takes you! Keep this journal on your coffee table or nightstand as some inspiration to plan a fun and exciting trip! Get your thoughts flowing and make your dreams come true with these unique planners!

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