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House Matchbox

House Matchbox

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House Matchbox!

This adorable matchbox is designed to look like a house! Each side of the house has a different fun design! The roof has a white and red vertical stripe pattern on one side and a black and white checkered pattern on the other! One wall is orange and features two black windows with grass at the bottom! Another wall is green with two orange windows and grass at the bottom! The front of the house is blue and has a white front door with red, orange, purple and white decorations! The back of the house is brown and has a blue top featuring a compass and more white detailing! You can pull open the matchbox and inside the sliding drawer there are matches with green, orange an red tips! The striker is one the bottom of the house paired with a blue and white pattern design!

The perfect matchbox to upgrade your home decor! Why use boring old matches when you can have this fabulous matchbox! The house design doubles as decoration as well! You never need to put away your matches again with this adorable look! This matchbox would look so good on your bedside table, desk or coffee table! The best matchbox to compliment your candles! This 3D matchbox is aesthetic and fun! If you're looking for a way to simply upgrade your homes style this matchbox is perfect! A great way to spice up your everyday matches! The colorful design is a great way to add some extra fun to your living room, kitchen or bedroom! Keep this matchbox on your mantle, in your bathroom or anywhere in your house that could use some sprucing up!

Gift your friends this stylish and fun matchbox! This matchbox is great for teenagers and college students! If your friends are always lighting candles then they need this matchbox! This is an amazing and practical gift that can be used everyday! This matchbox would make a great birthday or just because gift! Treat your favorite candle lover to this incredible accessory! Gift these incredible matches to your mom, sister or even grandma who always has a candle burning! This fun matchbox is a simple and easy gift that anyone would love ! You'll never lose your matches again when you keep them in this cute house! Anywhere you have a candle you must have these matches! Gift your friends this adorable matchbox to make them smile! Pair this matchbox with one of our unique candles to give a great gift! You can even grab this matchbox and one of our other match box designs to you friends will never run out of matches! We have a whole collection of fun matches and lighters for you to check out! We have jumbo lighters, lighters with different designs and exciting matchbooks! Grab your favorite matches for all your lighting needs!

This matchbox includes 100 4" matches! When your matches run out you can just refill the house with more 4" matches!

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