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Karma Is My Boyfriend Candle

Karma Is My Boyfriend Candle

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Taylor Swift Karma is my Boyfriend Candle!

This candle has the cutest Midnights design! Featuring a pink cartoon disco ball character with a pink glass cartoon as well! These two characters are walking hand in hand while the disco ball throws up a peace sign! "Karma is my Boyfriend" is written at the top of the candle in bold purple lettering! "Me and karma vibe like that" is written below the figures in smaller purple lettering!

This candle is perfect for all the Swifties in their Midnights Eras! With a scent of serene sage this candle will keep your room looking and smelling so nice! This retro pink and purple design is the cutest way to spice up your room! If your love the song Karma then this candle is the best decoration for you! With a bright design this candle is sure to stick out amongst your decorations! Spread some love with your friends by lighting this candle! This fabulous candle would look so good on your night stand, coffee table or desk! Turn on some music and light this candle to set the perfect mood!

If your friends favorite album is Midnights, then this is the present for them! A great way to let your friends know you pay attention to the music they listen to! This adorable cartoon will add such a fun vibe to your home decor! This jar candle is a great gift for teenagers! You can even treat your mom, sister or grandma to this candle, because you're never too old for a candle! Jar candles are great presents that will be used everyday! This candle is a quick and easy present, but it's still unique and fun! Light this candle at your next party to get everyone in the Swiftie vibe! While you're here check out our whole collection of products! We have keychains, air fresheners, pen sets, ornaments and so much more! Choose your favorite designs to upgrade your everyday life! Pair this Midnights candle with a few of our other Jar candles to give a great present! You can even line all the jar candles up next to each other and create a totally vibe!

An 8 oz coconut soy wax blend candle with a 100% cotton wick.

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