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Large Terry Quilted Makeup Bag

Large Terry Quilted Makeup Bag

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Large Terry Quilted Makeup Bag!

These adorable makeup pouches come in blue, yellow and pink! They are made of Terry Cloth or towel material! At 10" x 6" this bag is the perfect travel makeup bag! 

This bag is the cutest way to keep all your makeup together all the time! Fit your powder, mascara, blush, highlight, lipstick and all the rest of your makeup in just one bag, this one! They come in the cutest colors to compliment your aesthetic travel bags!

The best bag to make your makeup routine ten times easier! A bag with so much space you'll never lose your lipgloss again! This bag can also be used for travel toiletries and can save space in your cabinets! A great way to keep your whole skin care routine in one place!

This bag is the perfect gift for teens, moms, grandmas or even children! The Terry Cloth material makes this bag super easy to clear, just throw it in the washer to get the stains out! A practical and adorable makeup bag for all ages! These bags are perfect for birthdays, bachelorettes and just because presents!

A great way to organize your skincare, beauty and cosmetic essentials! With a sturdy zipper this bag will keep your makeup safe, no more worrying about accidents in your bag! This bag would be the best addition to your makeup routine!

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