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Let's Go For A Swim Acrylic Keychain

Let's Go For A Swim Acrylic Keychain

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Let’s Go For A Swim Acrylic Keychain!

This cream rectangular keychain reads “Let’s Go For A Swim” in blue lettering and has a wave design below!

The cutest little keychain to elevate your keyring! This adorable keychain is perfect for the summer! If you’re looking forward to to the sun and fun this summer then you need this keychain! This keychain would look so good on your backpack, keyring or purse! Grab your keys and head to the beach this summer with this fun keychain! Such a simple design to match every aesthetic! If you love to be in the water then you need this keychain! Such a cute vibe perfect for beach girls! If you’re looking for a new keychain to add to your collection then this one is it! A must have to elevate your keyring! Keep track of your keys with this incredible keychain! Let everyone know you’re always down for a swim with this keychain! Spread the word going for swims is totally in!

Treat your beachy bestie to this fabulous keychain! This keychain would make a great gift for teenager or college students! Such a simple and easy gift that any girl is bound to love! If you’re looking for a cute and practical gift then this keychain is perfect! Gift this adorable keychain to your mom, sister, friends or even grandma! This keychain is great for birthdays or just because gifts! Switch your keyring to a summer vibe starting with this keychain! You can even grab this keychain and our Aperol Spritz air freshener to redecorate your car vibes! Grab this keychain and one of our summer tote bags to get your summer necessities ready! Check out our whole collection of keychains! We have a variety of different styles and designs including animals, patterns, icons, sayings, foods and more! Choose your favorite look to upgrade your everyday accessories!

This 3.25” x 1.18” acrylic keychain has a gold platted split keyring for easy attachment!

Made in the USA!

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