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Lucky Charm Refillable Lighter

Lucky Charm Refillable Lighter

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Finally, a lighter you'll never lose! Lighter is covered front, back and side with our adorable lucky charm print!

These lighters are REFILLABLE!

Lighter fuel not included and ships empty and needs to be filled with lighter fluid to ignite!

The casing is high quality metal, this is a product you can use over and over and will last you for life!

It's similar to Zippo lighters and can be filled and re-filled the same way.

To fill the lighter, open the top and take the body out of the case. Flip the felt up and soak cotton with lighter fluid.

For further instructions you can google how to fill a zippo lighter- they work the same exact way!

Please be careful when using this product and keep away from children!

We can not be held liable for any accidents that occur when using this product.

Lighters can NOT be shipped internationally. 

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