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Lucky Love Air Freshener

Lucky Love Air Freshener

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Lucky Love Air Freshener!

This air freshener is shaped like a pair of dice! The dice and pink and purple with red hearts!

The best air freshener to decorate your car! This adorable air freshener would look so good hanging from your rearview mirror! Such a cute way to get your car looking festive for valentines! If you need a little extra luck these dice are a must have! With a scent of black (d)ice this air freshener will get your car looking and smelling great! These dice will definitely raise the vibes in your car! Drive around in style with this adorable air freshener! WIth the cutest design you'll be the coolest girl on the roads! The hearts add a great touch of love to these fun dice! With a double sided design this air freshener will look so good from all angles!

Treat your bestie to this fabulous air freshener! This air freshener would make a great 16th birthday or new driver present! This air freshener is a must have to decorate new cars with! The pink, red and purple color schemes are a great way to make your car super girly! Gift your mom, sister and friends this air freshener to elevate their cars look! This air freshener is a practical and fun gift that will be used everyday! Such a quick and easy gift that your friends are bound to love! This air freshener is super cute and an amazing way to spread some extra love! Pair these dice with a few of our car coasters to give your car a makeover! You can even grab this air freshener and one of our iconic license plate covers so you have the best car accessories! Check out our whole collection of air fresheners! Unique designs include animals, patterns, icons, foods, saying and more! Choose your favorite air fresheners to spruce up your car and drive around looking fab!

This air freshener is 4" x 3"! Comes with an elastic cord to loop around your rearview mirror!

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