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Matte Square Claw Hair Clip

Matte Square Claw Hair Clip

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Matte Square Claw Hair Clips!

These colorful rectangular claw clips come in five different color! You can choose from Light Pink, Pastel Blue, Pastel Purple, Navy Blue or Dark Chocolate! 

The easiest accessory for bad hair days, these claw clips are stylish and simple! The fun colors are a great way to spice up your next hairstyle! These clips are big enough to fit all hair types!

You can dress these claw clips up or down depending on the occasion! Put on a big sweatshirt, sweatpants and throw your hair in one of these clips for a cozy look! If you're looking for a sophisticated updo pair one of these clips with nice mini dress!

A great gift for teens, children, moms and hip grandmas! These claw clips are a super trendy with teenagers! They're super easy and you can take them with you everywhere, just throw them in your purse or clip them on your tote!

A cute accessory to upgrade your daily hairstyles! Not in the mood to get all dressed up? Put your hair in this claw clip to look cute and put together in such an easy way! You can keep these claw clips in all day long and they won't make your head hurt!

They're super comfy and can blend in with any outfit These claw clips are great birthday, bachelorette, Christmas or just because presents! Grab these clips and a few of our others to create the best gift!

Our collection includes clips depicting foods, animals, flowers and so many other funky icons! Each one of these clips was made in the U.S. and would look so good on you this season!

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