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Panic At The Costco Tote Bag

Panic At The Costco Tote Bag

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Panic At The Costco Tote Bag!

This beige tote reads "Panic! At The Costco" embroidered in red and blue Costco lettering!

The perfect tote bag for a trip to Costco! This hilarious bag is for everyone that gets super overwhelmed at Costco! If you've experienced social anxiety at Costco then this bag is for you! Rock this funny tote bag while you walk around shopping for hours! This tote is the perfect size to carry your books, laptop, wallet, water bottle and other daily necessities! You'll be the coolest person shopping at Costco with this super fun tote bag! Use this tote to stock up on your snacks and beverages while you take on the Costco unknown! You can even use this tote somewhere other than Costco like the library, school or around town!

Treat your Costco loving bestie to this fabulous tote! A great gift for college students or people in their mid twenties who are always at Costco! If you're a mother that has ti make multiple trips to Costco a week then this tote is meant for yoU! Such a great gift for moms, sister or even grandmas who always panic when they step in Costco! The only thing better than a Costco hot dog is this Costco tote bag! This simple bag would make a great birthday or just because gift! Walk around in style with this hilarious tote bag all year long! The best tote bag to carry all your bulky Costco items an groceries! this adorable tote bag would make such a fun gift! Pair this tote with one of our fun claw clips to give shopping necessities! You can even grab this fun tote and a few stickers to give a silly gift! Check out our whole collection of tote bags! Unique designs include patterns, animals, icons, foods, sayings and more! Choose your favorite styles to elevate your outfit this season!

This 16.5 x 12.6 x 3.9 inch bag has a 9.4 inch long handle so you can wear the bag on your shoulder!

Hand wash this tote to ensure it stays as cute as it comes!

Made from environmentally friendly natural cotton!

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