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Positive Affirmations Card Deck

Positive Affirmations Card Deck

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Positive Affirmations Card Deck!

This deck of cards comes in a black box where the front reads "Say Your F*cking Affirmations" in groovy pink, orange and white lettering! The front is decorated with pink, yellow and blue sparkle icons! The inside of the box is also black and reads "Let's F*cking Do This" on one side and "Say your F*cking Affirmations" on the other in the same lettering! The insides are decorated with pink stars and a pink and white checkerboard around the top! 

This deck includes 52 unique cards decorated in a multitude of different ways! Each card has a different positive affirmation that you should live by! There is a bright color scheme of purples, oranges, pinks, red, yellows, blues and pinks! These super fun cards are a great way to spread positivity! Keep this deck handy for tough days when you need some extra inspiration! Some of these sayings are funny and others are straight to the point! These cards are a unique way to remind everyone what's most important! Spread happiness and love with this adorable deck of cards! Fill your life with confidence when you use these exciting cards! This deck would look so good sitting on your bedside table, desk or coffee table! Keep these cards wherever you could use an extra smile!

Treat your bestie to some extra positivity with this amazing deck! Affirmations have been scientifically proven to change your brain to be more positive! Gift this deck to your friends who need some reminders of how amazing they are! Give this deck to your mom, sister and besties! This deck would make a great birthday or just because gift! A simple and easy gift that anyone is bound to love! These card will be used everyday when you give them to your friends! Decorate your home with these colorful and amazing affirmations! Remember how fun life is with these simple affirmations! If you need a quick gift that everyone will love this card deck is perfect! Pair this deck with our "I'm so Lucky" crewneck to live a positive life! You can even grab this deck and a few of our happy stickers to give an inspirational gift! Find your favorite products to make your life extra fun!

Each card is 4"x4"!

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