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Funky Friends Punch Needle Coasters

Funky Friends Punch Needle Coasters

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Punch Needle Coasters!

These adorable punch needle coasters come in a variety of different cartoon designs! Featuring the cutest little sushi with a white base, and orange top and a black line across it with two black eyes and a little smile! The Pink Mushroom has a big pink top with white dots and two eyes with a little smile on the bottom smaller portion! The Rubber Duck is bright yellow with an orange wing and bill with the cutest little eye! The Purple Elephant is super bright and has a black outline around its body with a black eye! The Toast has the cutest two toned brown design with a lighter brown on the inside and a dark brown on the outside, featuring two rosey cheeks, eyes and a little smile! The Blue Whale has a white belly and some other white detailing as well as a black fin, two black eyes and a little mouth!

The perfect coasters to spice up your home decor! These fabulous coasters will make your house feel much more cozy! The cutest coasters to decorate your bedside table, desk or coffee table! These fun characters are such a great way to add a little extra cheer to your everyday life! These practical yet fabulous coaster will keep your house clean! The perfect characters to make anyone smile when they see them! These coasters are a great way to add a cute addition to your boring tables! They'll absorb all the sweat that comes off your beverages! These coasters are great for your diet coke, dr pepper, coffee, matcha or whatever your drink of choice is! Everyone will be fighting over the coasters when you pull out these adorable figures!

Treat your friends to these adorable handy little coasters! A great way to upgrade your desk or coffee table! These coasters are perfect stocking stuffers to make sure all surfaces stay clean! Super easy birthday, Christmas or just because gifts! You can grab a few of these so you'll have a whole family of fun coasters! Choose the character that you love the most and add them to your everyday life! These coasters are great gifts for teens, moms, sisters, co-workers or even grandmas who like to stay clean in style! These adorable coasters are just what you need to add some extra fun to your desk! We have a variety of fun coasters for you to check out! Featuring punch needle, acrylic and beaded designs! We have a style for everyone so choose the coasters that would look best in your house! You can even pair these coasters with a few of our punch needle car coasters so you have coasters everywhere you need! These are super easy presents that can be paired with just about anything to give a great gift! These adorable coasters are a simple gift that will get use everyday!

These 10-12 cm punch needle coasters are hand made and should be handwashed! 

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