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Rainbow Bows Congrats Greeting Card

Rainbow Bows Congrats Greeting Card

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Rainbow Bows Congrats Greeting Card!

This beige card is decorated with a variety of colorful different styled bows! There is a thick orange bow, a thin light blue bow, a think pink bow, a large purple bow, a smaller maroon bow, a smaller light blue pow, a thick red bow, a think light pink bow and a thick yellow bow! The center of the card reads "Congrats" written in orange cursive!

The cutest card to congratulate your besties on all their accomplishments! Bows are super trendy right now so this card is absolutely perfect! Give a simple yet fun card to your friends who are achieving great things! Use this card for birthdays, promotions, weddings, or even small wins! This adorable card is a unique way to celebrate your friends milestones! This card is perfect for your besties who love a good bow aesthetic! This card is a practical gift that can be used as the cutest decoration after gifting! Pair this fun card with the perfect present to give a quick yet cute gift! This card could even be a gift on its own because it's so adorable! We have a whole collection of different celebratory cards, designs vary from animals, and quotes all the way to simple designs! Find the card that fits your occasion the best! 

This 4.25" x 5.5" card has a blank inside for you to customize and comes with a brown envelope!

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