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Rotting In Bed Teddy Bear Vinyl Sticker

Rotting In Bed Teddy Bear Vinyl Sticker

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Rotting In Bed Teddy Bear Vinyl Sticker!

This 3.1 x 3.5" vinyl sticker features the cutest little brown teddy bear holding a red heart that reads "I'd rather be rotting in bed" in pink! This sticker has white scalloped edges and is made of water and weatherproof vinyl!

The perfect little sticker to get everyone laughing! This adorable sticker is just so real! Let everyone know you would so rather be laying in bed with this hilarious sticker! The teddy bear and heart create such a cute and funny vibe! This sticker is so girlhood! If you always feel tired then this sticker is for you! We all have those days when we just want to rot in bed and this sticker represents that so well! Such a funny message to get everyone around you laughing! This amazing sticker would look so good on your water bottle, laptop or notebook! The perfect sticker to express how you're feeling! While you do your daily activities spread the word that you'd rather be in bed! This incredible sticker is bound to put a smile on everyone faces! If you're looking for a simple little sticker to add to your collection this one is a must have! The cute little teddy bear totally distracts from the fact that you want to be rotting in bed!

Treat your bestie to this fabulous vinyl sticker! This sticker would make a great gift for teenagers or college students who are a little lazy! Such a light hearted message to get everyone laughing! If you're looking for a simple gift any girl will absolutely adore then this sticker is it! Such a quick and easy gift! This gift is perfect because it can be shown off everyday! Gift this adorable sticker to your mom, sister or even grandma who loves their beauty rest! This amazing sticker is the best way to let everyone know your bed is your home! Such a great birthday or just because gift! Pair this incredible sticker with a few others to redecorate your water bottle! you can even grab this sticker and our teddy bear mug to go with the theme! Check out our whole sticker collection! We have a variety of different shapes, sizes and colors! Designs include icons, patterns, sayings, foods, animals and more! Choose your favorite sticker to elevate your style! 

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