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Silk Sleep Masks

Silk Sleep Masks

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Silk Sleep Masks!

These adorable sleep masks come in two different designs! There is a pink mask that has "Don't be a bitch" embroidered in pink cursive! The other style is a purple sleep mask that reads "Girl Therapy" in bold purple lettering! Each sleep mask has an elastic strap around the back!

The perfect sleep mask to ensure you get your beauty rest! If you can't sleep without a mask then you need one of these! The pink one has the funniest reminder that just because you're tired doesn't mean you need to be a bitch! If the therapy you love is sleep then the girl therapy mask is for you! This fantastic mask would make the best night time accessory! If you're looking for a way to get a better nights sleep then one of these masks is perfect! They can even double as a hair accessory for PJ parties! The cutest little eye masks for bachelorette parties, birthdays and more! Get all your friends laughing when you pull out this fun mask at your sleepover!

Treat your bestie to these fabulous sleep masks! A great gift for teenagers or college students who need to sleep better! These iconic sleep masks are cute and practical gifts that can be used every night! If you’re looking for an easy gift that any girl would love then these sleep masks are perfect! Gift all your friends matching sleep masks for your nest slumber party! You can even give your mom or sister the “don’t be a bitch” mask if they’re cranky in the morning! If your bestie sleeps in till 2pm then gift her the “Girl therapy” mask to make her smile! These little masks would be perfect for birthdays, just because or party favors! Pair these adorable sleep masks with with a few claw clips to give your besties the best accessories! You can even grab one of these sleep mask and a few silly stickers to make your friends laugh! Choose your favorite sleep mask to make sure your get a restful night!

This sleep mask is made of silk and is gentle on the eye!

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