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Text Me When You Get Home Air Freshener

Text Me When You Get Home Air Freshener

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Text Me When You Get Home Air Freshener!

This purple retro heart air freshener features "Text me when you get home" written in white cursive! Finished with a black elastic for easy attachment! Made in the USA! Measuring 4 x 3.825 inches!

The perfect air freshener to decorate your car! With a scent of Vanilla this air freshener will have your car looking and smelling great! The cutest little message to spread some love! This heart-shaped air freshener is the perfect reminder to text your besties when you get home! With a double sided design design the cuteness can be seen from all angles! Let all your friends know that you love that for them with this heart shaped air freshener! The purple scheme creates the best aesthetic! A great air freshener to let your bestie know how much you care about her! This adorable air freshener is a great way to make sure everyone gets home safe! No more worrying about your friends, when you remind them to text you! Such a cute air freshener to add some character to your ride! 

Treat your besties to this fabulous air freshener! This air freshener would make a great gift for 16th birthdays or new drivers! Such a practical and adorable gift that will be used everyday! This fun heart is a gift that everyone would love! Gift this to your mom, sister or grandma who you just love! The cutest air freshener to remind your friends that you have worry about them! This air freshener would look so good hanging from your rearview mirror! This little heart is the perfect car accessory to have you riding in style! Pair this adorable air freshener with a few of our car coasters to redecorate your car! You can even grab this air freshener and our text me when you get home keychain to complete the set! Check out our whole collection of air fresheners! Designs include patterns, foods, icons, animals, saying and more! Choose your favorite air fresheners to decorate your car!

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