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That Curb Hit Me Motel Keychain

That Curb Hit Me Motel Keychain

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That Curb Hit Me Motel Keychain!

This black keychain features "That Curb Hit Me" written in the cutest white and pink stacked vinyl lettering! The keychain is decorated with little white stars and a big pink heart at the bottom!

The perfect keychain for reckless drivers! This retro inspired keychain is the funniest way to let everyone know you hit curbs every now and then! Sometimes driving is hard we get that and this keychain expresses it perfectly! This keychain is great reminder that hitting curbs is totally not your fault! This keychain would look so good on your keys while you're driving around hitting curbs! Remind your besties that the curbs keep hitting you not the other way around! This is the funniest keychain to get all your friends laughing!

Give this keychain to the most careless driver you know, in a funny way! Sometimes our friends are awful drivers, but who cares! Get your betsie this light hearted keychain to make her laugh! With a big heart and sparkles you can make hitting curbs aesthetic! This is a great gift for new drivers who will definitely be hitting curbs! The best gift for anyone who doesn't pay attention while driving! Give this keychain to your mom, sister or bestie!

This keychain is a great stocking stuffer for bad drivers! Check out our whole collection of keychains! We have so many and our designs vary from quotes, to smiley faces, inspirational and iconic sayings! Find the keychain that speaks to you and walk around in style all year long! Grab this keychain and few of our car accessories to give the best 16th birthday present!

This 2.0" x 3.8" keychain comes with a split ring for easy attachment to your keychain!

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