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Wavy Glass Straws

Wavy Glass Straws

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Wavy Glass Straws! 

These funky glass straws are shaped in a wavy design and come in pink, light green,  lilac, matte lilac and Iridescent!

The perfect straw to pair with a beer can glass and lid to complete the look! Why sip out of a boring straw when you can sip out of this fun one! The cutest way to add an aesthetic look to your morning coffee! Use this glass straw to drink all your cold beverages! This straw would make the perfect gift for anyone who is an avid beer can glass user! If your bestie doesn’t have a fabulous beer can glass straw then you need to give her this one! An adorable straw to add some fun to your morning beverages! This straw would make a great stocking stuffer for the holiday season! You can give this straw to your friends as a birthday, Christmas or a just because gift! A super simple and easy present that your friends will use everyday! This is the best practical and fun gift! We have a variety of different glass straw designs, some straws have mushrooms, butterflies and flowers! Grab a few of these straws so you and your friends have options when pouring your morning coffee or tea! Choose the straw that represents your aesthetic on any given day! With a variety of colors you’re bound to find one that resonates with your vibe! 

These glass straws are super fragile, make sure to hand wash them so they stay as cute as they come!

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