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Weiner Wonderland Christmas Ornament

Weiner Wonderland Christmas Ornament

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Weiner Wonderland Christmas Ornament!

This white round ornament features the cutest weiner dogs wearing red Christmas vests! "Walking in a weiner wonderland" is written above and below the dogs in black cursive!

This ornament is perfect for all weiner dog lovers! If you have a weiner dog then you need this ornament! The funniest play on words to create an adorable ornament! Give your tree some personality this season with this funky ornament! Hang this unique ornament on your tree to get everyone laughing! This dog ornament is great for anyone who has a dachshund! A simple but fun ornament to spread some holiday and weiner dog cheer! The best ornament to get everyone in the holiday spirit! 

Pair this ornament with some of our other Dachshund merch to give the best present this season! Any weiner dog mom or dad needs this ornament! Grab one of our dachshund wonderland hoodies along with this ornament to complete the wonderland vibe! Dachshunds are some of the cutest dogs, so share that cuteness by hanging this ornament all season long!

Check out our whole collection of unique ornaments! We have ornaments ranging from foods to animals, pop culture quotes and iconic holiday figures! This is a great present for any white elephant party! Treat yourself to some weiner dog decorations this Christmas season!

This 3" round ceramic ornament has a gloss finish and comes with a gold looped string to hang the ornament!

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