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Bow Shoe Charm Set

Bow Shoe Charm Set

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Bow Shoe Charm Set!

These adorable charms come in a set of 3 different designs! One charm has a yellow background with a thin black bow! There is also a thick pink bow on a white background! Then there is a yellow bowtie pasta on a white background! 

The cutest charms to make your shoes a little extra girly! These fun charms are would look so good on your crocs! If you're looking for some new gibbets then these ones are perfect! These charms are great for all croc lovers! Walk around in style with these bows! The bowtie pasta will get everyone laughing when they see that charm! These colorful charms would look so good on a neutral croc! If you're looking for some original gibbets these ones are great! Bows are all the rage right now so this set is a must have!

Treat your bestie that's always rocking her crocs to these fun charms! These shoe charms would make a great gift for teenagers or children! Any girl is bound to love these charms! Chanel your inner Barbie with these girly charms! If your friend collects all sorts of gibbets then you need to give them this set! This charm set would make a great birthday or just because gift! Gift these charms to your little sister who needs some extra spice on her crocs! The ribbons and pastas are all the bows you need! If you're looking for a quick and easy gift these charms are perfect! Such a simple present to make your friends smile! Pair this fun set with a few of our other charms to redecorate your shoes! You can even pair these shoe charms with a keychain and a few stickers to give a fun gift! Check out our whole collection of shoe charms! We have celebrities, drinks, icons and so much more! Choose your favorite charms to upgrade your look!

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