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Dad Joke Foam Finger Magnet

Dad Joke Foam Finger Magnet

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Dad Joke Foam Finger Magnet!

This fun magnet is shaped like a blue foam finger and reads "#1 dad joke teller" in white lettering!

The funniest magnet to get all your friends laughing! If you love dad jokes then this magnet is a must have! The funniest little magnet to spread some dad jokes! This magnet would look so good on your fridge or any magnetic surface! If you're always telling dad jokes then you need this magnet! Such a silly little magnet to get your guests laughing! Hold up all your important lists and papers with this funny magnet! If you're the #1 dad joke teller then this foam finger is yours! The perfect magnet to upgrade your home decor!

Gift your funniest friend to this fabulous magnet! The best gift for teenagers, college students or even dads who love dad jokes! Let your friend know you appreciate all her dad jokes with this fantastic magnet! Such a simple and fun gift that anyone would love Treat your mom, sister, brother, friends or grandma to this great magnet! The foam finger is the best design to make your friends laugh! This magnet is reserved for someone who only says dad jokes! This magnet is great for birthdays or just because! Check out our whole magnet collection as well! We have unique designs including patterns, icons, animals, sayings, food and more! Choose your favorite magnet to match you vibes perfectly

This magnet is 3" x 3"!

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