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Dessert Wall Art

Dessert Wall Art

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Dessert Wall Art!

These fun dessert wall decorations come in seven different styles! There's pink sprinkle cookies on a white and blue floral plate, there's a pink cookie on an orange floral plate, a purple cupcake on a peach and pink background, there's a funfetti cake on a purple and pink background, a funfetti cake on a blue background, there's a funfetti cake on a white and blue floral plate and also a chocolate cake!

These desserts would be the perfect home decor this season! They're a great way to add a little sweetness to your home! Why not have your favorite dessert hung on your wall!

Give your bestie her favorite dessert, so she can have it all the time! The perfect gift for anyone who loves funky home decor! With intense detail these desserts look so realistic! 

These desserts are handmade on a 6 x 6 inches canvas! They are acrylic, embroidery and mixed media! They are fragile and if dropped could crack! Handle these with care so they stay as cute as they come! Each canvas is unique, no two are the same!

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