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Disco Daisy Canvas Painting

Disco Daisy Canvas Painting

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Disco Daisy Canvas Painting!

These fabulous Daisy paintings are each one of a kind designs! There are a variety of different color combinations and styles! The paintings each include two daisies each with a silver disco ball in the center! The color scheme is light pink, white, orange and dark pink! There are different combinations of the colors! These 8" x 8" canvas paintings are completely handmade! 

The best wall decor to spice up your house! These adorable canvas painting are so unique you need them in your house! The cutest daisies to add a little bit of funk to your room decor! These daisies have the best color schemes and will compliment any neutral wall perfectly! These paintings would look so good hanging in your bedroom, living room, kitchen or anywhere that could use some extra fun! No better way to make your house a little more groovy! If you love florals then these unique daisies are a must have! These colorful designs are just what you need to give your walls some character! Show your personality through your decorations with these incredible daisy canvas paintings! The disco ball is bound to make this painting stand out amongst the rest! If you're looking for unique wall art that will get everyone talking these paintings are right! There are so many designs you're bound to find one that fits your aesthetic! 

Treat your besties to these original daisy canvas paintings! These paintings are great for college students and teenagers who have dorms, apartments or houses! If your friends are always decorating with funky paintings you need to give them these! You can hang one or multiple to have a collection! If you're looking for a simple present to make your friend smile these daisies will do the trick! The cutest wall art that can add character to any room! These canvas paintings are great for anyone on the disco ball trend! The light will reflect off these daisies and you'll have a party in your room! These incredible paintings are so different and will get everyone talking! Upgrade your home decor with these fantastic canvas paintings! If you're looking for something unique, fun, and abstract these daisies are a must have! Gift your mom, sister, friends or even grandma these beautiful canvas paintings! These paintings are a great gift for any occasion! Pair one of these amazing canvas paintings with our all pink punch needle flower coaster to keep the vibes! You can even grab one of these snail paintings and a few of our other prints to elevate your walls! Check out our whole collection of funky wall art! We have a variety of different designs featuring sharks and snails! Pick out your favorite pieces to fit your personality! 

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