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Embroidered Cocktail Napkins

Embroidered Cocktail Napkins

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Embroidered Cocktail Napkins!

These adorable white linen cocktail napkins are embroidered with fun sayings and come in packs of four! Designs include "Drink Up" embroidered in pink threading with an exclamation point as the 'i'! There is also "One Espresso Martini Please" embroidered in brown! "Out of Office!" is embroidered in red bold and cursive lettering! "Spicy Marg Please" is embroidered in big green lettering! There is a pack of "tini time" embroidered in green fun lettering and also a grey martini glass embroidered with three green olives on a skewer!

The perfect napkins for cocktail hour! These adorable napkins are just what you need to upgrade your bar cart! These fun napkins will get all your friends laughing when you pull them out! Featuring the cutest quotes these fun cocktail napkins would make the best home decor! These napkins can be used, but are meant to look sit and look pretty! If you love Espresso Martinis then you need those napkins to let everyone know what you're sipping on! There is a napkin for all occassion! Wine nights with your besties you can use the drink up napkins! The Spicy Marg please would be perfect for a festive party! These cocktail napkins would look so cute in your kitchen, on your coffee table in on your desk! Upgrade your office decorations with the Out of Office napkin! These unique napkins will have your house feeling clean and looking cool! 

Give your besties the cocktail napkins that match their vibes! Great for college students! These adorable napkins are perfect for the holiday party season! If your friend is always sipping on a cocktail they need these napkins! With a variety of designs these napkins are bound to match everyone's vibe! If your bestie loves a dirty martini then you need to gift them the tini napkins! These napkins are a practical and fun gift your friends can use everyday! The best way to elevate your home decor! Pair these fun cocktail napkins with one of our unique wine glasses to upgrade your bar cart! You can even grab these napkins and one of our fun coasters to give your besties a great gift! Check out our whole collection of bar car decorations! We have shot glasses, win glasses, mirrors, flasks, coasters and so much more! Create the cutest bar cart with all of our accessories!

These 6”x6” napkins are made of 100% linen!

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