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Fun Doodles Printed Hard Cover Lined Notebooks

Fun Doodles Printed Hard Cover Lined Notebooks

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Fun Doodles Hard Cover Lined Notebooks!

These colorful lined notebooks come in three different styles! We have our pink 'Cherry' notebook white features a pair of big red cherries hanging from a green stem and leaves! There is a circle of words in the center that reads "slow it down, let it grow" in white small lettering with "Lined Notebook" written in the center! We have a our 'Hearts' notebook that has a pink background covered in red hearts drawn in all directions! There is a white box in the center of the cover that reads "Lined Notebook" in thin black lettering! We have the "Pen To Paper" notebook which is has pink and red checkerboard design with white and read shapes

There is our 'Ideas and Thoughts' colorful notebook which features a pink orange and yellow tie dye design! There are a ton of white doodles of flowers, birds, and leaves decorating the cover! In the middle there is a white box that says "your notebook ideas & thought" written in black bold and cursive lettering! All pages inside are beige and lined with black ink! We have a "Once Upon a Time" notebook which has a white background and features blue fairy tail doodles! This notebook cover has designs of castles, butterflies, fish, the ocean, gardens and so much more! In the middle there is a green crest that reads "Notes" in black lettering! This notebook is simply lined with black ink! We have the "Take A Walk On The Wild Side" notebook which has a blue, green and purple aura design with a big rectangle featuring a bunch of white cartoon animals and flowers!

These lined notebooks come in the cutest designs and are must haves! They are the best way to keep track of all your great ideas! The best way to let your thoughts flow right onto the paper! These fun notebooks will get your ideas flowing just by looking their covers! These notebooks are perfect for people with creative minds that never stop! A great way to remember every unique idea that pops into your head!

The best gifts for teens who's thought are always running wild! These notebooks are great for school use or journaling! Perfect presents for teachers and busy co workers as well! Sometimes journaling helps organize your thoughts, these planners are the best place to do that! You can rant all you want in the fabulous notebooks, share your thoughts, while also keeping them private!

The best journal to throw all your thoughts down on paper! Fill these pages with creativity, imagination and great ideas! Perfect for your besties who love journaling! We have so many different designs, find the one that fits your personality! These 6x 8.5in planners are the perfect size to throw in your tote or backpack to take with you everywhere! They are also the cutest decor to keep on your night stand, desk or coffee tables! These sturdy on the go notebooks are just what you need in your life! 

With 96 pages this notebook will last you all year long and hold all of your creative thought! It's also made in the USA!

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