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My Wellness Journal

My Wellness Journal

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My Wellness Journal!

This adorable journal is beige and features "My wellness journal" written in orange cursive! There is a pink bow design that circles the saying!

The perfect journal to make time for your mental health! These pages feature four boxes that read "mental, physical, spiritual and self-care"! These prompts are a great way to make sure your thinking positive thoughts! Add some extra positivity to your life with this fabulous journal! This journal is great for self-discovery, balance and joy! Unlock you spiritual potential with this fabulous journal! Experience self-care, mindfulness and gratitude through this simple journal! A great way to take your first step towards wellbeing! Personalize this journal to find the secret to your happiness! Discover balance and joy with this exciting journal! Perfect for anyone who loves bows and aesthetic stationary! A great way to make some time for your mental health! Our wellness is just as important as planning out are days, so make time for your brain with these journals! The best way to keep care of your body and mind all day long! Days get hard and confusing so use this journal to write down the thoughts you've been holding in!

Give one of these journals to your friends to remind them how much mental health matters! Journaling is a great way to start and end each day with a fresh mindset! Use these journals to set intentions, goals and take notes on things you love! Make yourself feel good everyday by looking at the positive things in life! Keep track of helpful habits and reflect on unhealthy habits using these journals! Have daily self check ins to make sure you're being the best you possible! These wellness journals are great gifts for teens, adults, college students or high schoolers! A good gift for anyone who gets stressed and could use some time for themselves! These journals are undated so you can use them whenever you'd like throughout the year! Throw together this wellness journal and some of our motivation stickers to give a great gift! You can even pair this journal with one of our fun pen sets to give a practical yet fun gift! Check out our whole collection of exciting journals! There is one for everyone and every occasion! Choose your favorite journal to elevate your mental health!

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