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Pink Tulips Jar Candle

Pink Tulips Jar Candle

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Pink Tulips Jar Candle!

This 8 oz jar candle features three pink wax tulips with green wax on the bottom as grass! This candle is made of hand poured Soy Wax with 100% Cotton Wick! 

The cutest candle to elevate your home decor! This candle is for all the flower girls! If you love to have a candle burning then this one is a must! The perfect candle to create a cute and classy aesthetic! This candle would look so good on your bedside table, desk or coffee table! You need these pink tulips floating around your house! The best candle to decorate your home! If you're looking for a unique candle then this one is it! This candle is the best way to give your room some extra personality! If you love pink tulips then you'll absolutely love these this candle! Why have a boring candle when you could have pink tulips! The unique design of this candle is bound to make it stand out! Add a touch of spring to your home with these adorable pink tulips! The best candle to keep as decoration in any room of your house!

Treat your bestie to this fabulous candle! A great present for teenagers and college students! Gift this fantastic candle to your mom, sister or grandma to upgrade their style! If your bestie is in their flower girl era then you need to give them this candle! Make your bestie smile with this cute gift! This candle is perfect for birthdays or just because! Give your bestie a little something special with a bouquet of tulips! If your bestie loves spring and summer vibes then she'll love this candle! Such a simple and practical gift that your friends will use everyday! The cutest home decor to get your house looking cool and smelling nice! If you're looking for a quick but thoughtful gift then this candle is perfect! Pair this adorable candle with one of our floral cards to give a themed gift! You can even grab this candle and one of our fun matchbooks for a useful set! Check out our whole collection of unique candles! Designs include quotes, icons, foods, animals, patterns and so much more! Choose your favorite look and scent to upgrade your home decor!

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