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White Claw Lighter

White Claw Lighter

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White Claw Lighter!

This fun lighter is shaped like a white claw can! The can has a silver top with a pink border the can in white and reads "Spiked Sparkling Hard Seltzer" in black with the iconic white claw logo! Below has a pink stripe that reads "Black Cherry" in black! Below that is a white circle that reads "5%" in black!

The perfect lighter to get all your friends talking! This lighter is a must have if your go to drink is a white claw! This soda can is such a unique design! This white claw lighter would look so good sitting on your bedside table, desk or coffee table! If you always have a candle burning then this lighter is right for you! No need to put away your lighter because this one doubles as decoration! It's the perfect size to throw in your purse or pocket to take with you on the go! The lighter even opens like a can! 

Treat your bestie to this fabulous lighter! Always be the friend with a lighter on them with this white claw! If your friend loves a white claw and could use a lighter then give them this! A great birthday or just because gift! This lighter is perfect for college students! Let everyone know what seltzer is your favorite with this hilarious lighter! A practical and fun gift that will be used everyday! This handy lighter is a simple and easy gift that anyone is bound to love! Pair this fabulous lighter with our white claw candle to give the perfect gift! You can even grab this lighter and one of our matchbooks for someone who is always lighting a new candle! Check out our whole collection of matches and lighters! Unique designs include house matchbooks, icons, patterns, jumbo lighters, and lighters shaped like fun things! Choose your favorite styles to spice up your everyday items!

This lighter is refillable and does not come with lighter fluid! It must be filled with Butane fluid to light!

Pull the tab up to light!

Made of metal 2” tall!!

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