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Anxiety Lamb Crewneck Sweatshirt

Anxiety Lamb Crewneck Sweatshirt

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Anxiety Lamb Crewneck Sweatshirt!

This adorable light pink crewneck sweatshirt features the cutest little white lamb wearing a pink scarf and red and yellow flowers in her hair! The lamb reads "I Have Anxiety!" in black lettering!

The funniest sweatshirt to upgrade your next look! This adorable crewneck is the perfect way to stay warm and look cute! This crewneck can easily be dressed up or down depending on the occasion! Throw on some leggings and this simple sweatshirt to have a comfy cozy look! You can even throw on a pair of jeans with this sweatshirt for a day walking around town! The cutest sweatshirt to let everyone know you have anxiety! With the cutest little lamb, this crewneck will get everyone talking! Because of the light pink color, this sweatshirt can match almost any bottom! If you're looking for a new sweatshirt to throw in the mix this one is a must-have! Such a funny way to let your friends know sometimes you get anxious! Imagine this crewneck with a slick back bun, you would have the total clean girl aesthetic! This adorable crewneck is perfect for school, watching a movie, walking around town, a trip to the library or bedtime! This sweatshirt is perfect for events you know you'll be anxious at! Let everyone know you're just a girl with anxiety! Stay comfy and stylish with this amazing crewneck! Simply elevate your closet with this amazing crewneck! 

Treat your bestie to this fabulous crewneck! This sweatshirt would make a great gift for teenagers or college students! If you're looking for a simple present that any girl would love then this crewneck is perfect! A hilarious design bound to make your besties smile! Gift this amazing crewneck to your mom, sister, friends or even grandma who has anxiety! Such a cute and practical gift that can be worn every day! The best present to go with a pair of sweatpants to gift a complete set! This crewneck is a great birthday or just because gift! Gift this crewneck to your bestie who has anxiety, but doesn't care! Let everyone know being anxious is nothing to hide!  Pair this adorable crewneck with one of our silly hats to give a fun gift! You can even grab this sweatshirt and one of our unique claw clips to match the vibes! Check out our whole collection of coquette aesthetic items! We have claw jewelry, claw clips, makeup bags, tote bags, dishes and so much more!

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