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Book Tracker Journals

Book Tracker Journals

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Book Tracker Journals! 

These colorful book tracking journals come in two different designs! Our 'Library Card Reading Journal' has an orange cover with a yellow card sleeve on the front! This yellow sleeve reads "Reading Journal" at the bottom in a white rectangle with black lettering! There is a blue library card slipping out of the sleeve that has multiple dates written on it and reads "date due"! There are a few red and white "Stamps" on the front cover that are designed to look like the stamps that are put on library books when you check them out!

The other design is our 'Nose in a book' beige journal! The front cover features a blue figure reading a book very closely! "Reading" is written in big black lettering on the top of the cover! The back of the book reads "The Next Chapter Awaits You" in black lettering! We also have the "Stack of Books" design which has a beige cover that features a bunch of colorful books, a pair of glasses and a green coffee cup! There is the "Minimalist" journal with a beige cover that simply reads "Reading Journal" in big purple lettering!

The perfect journals for all book worms! This is the best way to keep track of all your favorite and not so favorite books! Some of us read so many books it's hard to remember all them, so these journals are the best way! The pages feature place for you to write the book titles, if your lending or borrowing and or who the book is from! There is also room to keep track of how much the book costs and when you need to return the book! In addition to these pages there is also a section for you to rank and summarize each book you read! These journals are a book lovers dream!

Give one of these journals to someone who loves to dive into a new book! Keep track of the book you just read and plan out your next book all in the same place! These journals are better than having a million sticky notes all over your room, instead you can have all your book recommendations in one place! Take notes on narratives and characters that you love in these journals! You can even make book wish lists in these journals! Keep track of your favorite quotes, write down if you'd recommend a book and if you'd read the book again all with these journals! Journaling is a great way to let all your thoughts flow! Track your reading journey with this exciting and cute journal! If you have questions about your book or interesting takes you can write them all down in this journal! Let your thoughts run wild in these fun book tracker journals! A great gift for moms, sisters and grandmas that love a good book! You can even give your dad and brother one of these book tracking journals if they love to read!

With spaces for 32 books these journals are a book worms dream gift! Give these as birthday, Christmas or just because gifts! Treat yourself or your bestie to one of these practical and fun book tracking journals! They are a great size to throw in your tote or backpack and take with you wherever you bring your books!

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