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Clueless Polly Pocket Acrylic Keychain

Clueless Polly Pocket Acrylic Keychain

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Clueless Polly Pocket Acrylic Keychain!

This fun keychain features a yellow plaid pocket mirror design that reads "Ugh As If" in the center! Attached by gold clips are two little acrylic polly pocket dolls designed to look like Cher and Dion from Clueless!

The cutest keychain to upgrade your keyring! If you love Clueless then this keychain is a must have! An iconic keychain to hold an iconic message! This little pocket mirror design is so on brand! The adorable polly pocket characters are the perfect addition to this keychain! With a double sided design you can spread some Clueless love with everyone! If you're a 90s baby then this keychain is definitely for you! The best Polly Pocket and Clueless cross over! This unique design is for all the Cher and Dion stans! If you and your bestie are Cher and Dion then this is a must have! This keychain would look so good on your keyring, backpack or purse! Give your keyring some personality with this amazing keychain! With multiple pieces this keychain is super fun and has dimension! Get everyone talking when they see your adorable keychain! Such a funny iconic quote to get everyone laughing! 

Treat you and your bestie to matching keychains this season! This fabulous keychain is great for teenagers and college students! A great 16th birthday gift for new drivers! If you're looking for a fun gift any girl would love then this keychain is it! Such a cute and practical gift that will be used everyday! Gift this keychain to the biggest Clueless fan you know! If your mom, sister, or besties love Cher and Dion then they need this keychain! Such a unique design to spice up your everyday accessories! Keep track of your most important keys with this fun keychain! This keychain is great for birthday or just because gifts! Pair this incredible keychain with a few of our stickers to give the best gift! You can even grab this keychain and one of our unique greeting card for a great gift for any occasion! Check out our whole collection of keychains! We have a variety of different shapes, sizes, styles and colors! Designs include patterns, icons, animals, sayings, foods and more! Choose your favorite keychain so you can walk around in style this season!

This 3" acrylic keychain is super durable and won't scratch or fade!

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