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Cool Girls Write Things Down Notebook

Cool Girls Write Things Down Notebook

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Cool Girl Write Things Down Notebook!

This adorable journal has a beige cover that reads "cool girls write things down" in green cursive! The cover features a big blue ribbon bow on the top and bottom! There are 150 white lined pages bound with an antique brass spiral! This notebook is 8.25Lx6.75W!

The cutest notebook to keep track of all your best ideas! Let everyone know you're a cool girl with this notebook! The best place for a mindless brain dump! This notebook is a great place to write down all your random thoughts and ideas! With the cutest little design, this notebook would look so good sitting on your nightstand, desk, or coffee table! The neutral color scheme creates the best vintage vibe! Why take notes in a boring notebook when you could take them in one with big bows! If you're entering your coquette era then you need this notebook! Make your thoughts a little extra aesthetic with this fantastic notebook! The best size to throw in your backpack or tote bag to take on the go! If you need to rant this notebook will always be there for you! With a bunch of blank pages, you can fill this book with your imagination! Get creative with this amazing bow notebook! Why fill your brain with thoughts when you could keep them all in a notebook! Everyone knows the best way to remember something is to write it down! If you're a cool girl then this notebook is totally for you! Channel your inner coquette cool girl with this amazing notebook! Notebooks and journals are in right now so you definitely need this one! No better notebook than one decorated with bows! This vintage-looking design is just what you're missing 

Treat your bestie to this fabulous notebook! A great gift for teenagers or college students! This notebook is a great way to organize your jumble of thoughts! Such a simple gift that will be used every day! If you’re looking for a present anyone would love then this notebook is great! The best notebook for those random thoughts that come to your mind at all hours! Gift this adorable notebook to your mom, sister, or even grandma to upgrade their style! If you’re looking to make an addition to your stationery collection then this journal is a must! It’s great for a birthday or just because gift! If your friend loves to journal then this notebook is just for them! This notebook can even be used for school! A great gift for teachers, co-workers, and even children! Pair this incredible notebook with one of our fun gel pen sets to gift a complete set! If you're looking for a teacher appreciation gift this notebook is perfect! You can even grab this notebook and a calendar so your friends can stay organized! Check out our whole stationery collection! We have a variety of different calendars, journals, sticky notes, pens, to-do lists, and more! Choose your favorite styles to upgrade your decor this season!

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