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Daily Schedule Notepad

Daily Schedule Notepad

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Daily Schedule Notepad!

This adorable notepad has a white background and reads "daily planner" in blue cursive across the top! This notepad features every day of the week at the top so you can circle the day it is! It also has a list of every hour of the day from 5-9 so you can plan out exactly what you need to do! There is also a section headed "do to list" in blue cursive with a space for your top 3 priorities! Below that is an "Others" section that can be used for grocery shopping or more to-dos! Below that is a section headed "On going tasks/ projects" so you can stay up to date! The very bottom has a box titled "notes" for anything extra you need to write down! Next to the box is a little circle that reads "Small win for the day" so you can feel proud of every accomplishment! This notepad is undated so you can use it all year long starting and ending whenever you'd like! There are 150 tear off pages bound together with metal bindings and a cloth backing for durability! 

This planner notepad is the best way to stay organized! A great way to decorate your desk and have a useful notepad! A cute and practical planner to keep all your events organized! The best notepad for busy days! The neutral color scheme creates the perfect vintage vibe! Place this notepad on your bedside table, desk, or coffee table! With tear off pages you can take these lists and schedules on the go! Hang these sheets on your fridge so you never forget what you need! A great way to make sure you stay on top of your daily schedule! The best notepad to upgrade your office supplies! Add a girly touch to your office job with this notepad! If you need to write things down to remember them, then you need this notepad! The aesthetic of this eye will make planning so much fun! Stay organized and calm with this notepad! The best notepad for girlies who love to make lists! With plenty of space, this notepad can have so many uses! Add a pop of color to your everyday plan with this fabulous notepad! A great way to take notes on daily activities! These pages are great because you can tear them off so you don't have to take the whole planner with you! Why have a bunch of random sticky notes when you could use these beautiful sheets! This notepad is the best place to plan and stay organized!

Treat your favorite corporate girly to this fun notepad! This notepad is a great way for teenagers and college students to stay organized! Make sure your friends have all their plans under control with this notepad! Gift your mom, sister, co-worker, or even grandma this notepad so they can stay on top of things! If your co-worker is always forgetting important dates then they need this notepad! Make sure your day is full of productivity with this notepad! Effortlessly take care of your daily tasks with this notepad! This notepad would make a great birthday or just because gift for anyone who needs to keep track of their thoughts! This pad is the best place to write down all your most important supplies, to-dos, and groceries! This notepad is full of fun! No matter the occasion you can always use an extra notepad! Never forget a thought when you have this notepad! Pair this adorable notepad with one of our fun pen sets to give a complete gift! You can even grab this notepad and one of our sticky note sets to give your friends the best stationery gift! Check out our whole stationery collection! We have journals. notebooks, desk cleaners and so much more! Upgrade your desk decor with this fabulous notepad!

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