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Disco Ball Matchbook

Disco Ball Matchbook

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Disco Ball Matchbook!

This adorable set of matches comes in the cutest match book! The book is dark blue and the cover features a big silver metallic disco ball design with metallic lines coming out from the sides and the bottom has a silver squiggly line! The inside of the matchbook features a star design with ten matches! Each match has it's own design of half a disco ball and one even says "Get lit" in white cursive! The back of the matchbook has the same design as the cover and features a red striker! This matchbook includes 10 double sided printed match stems! The matchbook is 50mm wide, 55 mm tall and 5 mm wide!

The cutest matchbook to upgrade your everyday items! This matchbook would look so good on your bedside table, desk or coffee table! With this matchbook you won't have to worry about putting your matches away, you can keep them right next to your candles! The metallic disco ball design is sure to make this matchbook stand out in your house! Elevate your home decor with this amazing matchbook! If you love to have a candle burning then these matches are a must have! Why use boring matches when you could have these unique disco ball ones! If disco balls are your vibe then this matchbook is a must have!

Treat your bestie to this fabulous matchbook! These matches would make a great gift for teenagers or college students! The cutest matchbook for your besties who are always lighting candles! You can never have too many matches so gift your friends these fun ones! Give your mom, sister or even grandma this matchbook! This matchbook would make a great birthday or just because gift! A practical and cute gift that can be used everyday! If you're looking for an easy gift that anyone would love this matchbook is perfect! A simple gift for when you're in a rush! Pair this fun matchbook with one of our unique candles to give a complete gift! You can even grab this matchbook and a few of our other disco inspired products to give a themed gift! Check out our whole collection of lighters and matches! We have a variety of different designs and looks! Featuring big lighters, sayings, refillable lighters, animal designs, and so much more! Choose your favorite style to upgrade an everyday necessity! 

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