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Fake It ’Til You Make It Magnet

Fake It ’Til You Make It Magnet

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Fake It 'Til You Make It Magnet!

This pink rectangular magnet reads "Fake It 'Til You Make It" in bold red lettering!

The funniest magnet to decorate your fridge! Add a touch of color and fun to your home with this magnet! This funny saying is the best way to get your guest laughing! We all fake it sometimes so this magnet is super relatable! A funny magnet to spread positivity and happiness! The pink color scheme is a must have! This adorable magnet it so real because honestly who isn't faking it! If you're looking for an exciting new magnet for your fridge then this one is a must have! A great reminder to just simply fake it till you make it, nothing wrong with that! Make your friends smile when they see this little saying on your fridge! A great magnet for families! Get your friends laughing with this amazing magnet! Such a fun little accessory to spice up your home decor! This magnet is the best motivation to just do it whatever it is even if you have to fake it till you make it!

Treat your bestie who's always faking it to this fabulous magnet! This magnet is a great gift for college students and teenagers who are trying their best! Such a simple little gift that anyone would love! This funny message is a great way to remember that life is fun and to enjoy it! Gift this fantastic magnet to your mom, sister, or even grandma who could use the reminder! A little inspirational gift for all your friends! This magnet is great for birthdays or just because! Pair this perfect magnet with a few of our others so you can have the funniest fridge! You can even grab this magnet and a few silly stickers to give the best gift! Check out our whole magnet collection! Unique designs include icons, patterns, animals, sayings, foods and so much more! Choose your favorite magnets to match your vibe!

This 2x3 inch magnet has a clear protective mylar!

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