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Glitter Bows Vinyl Sticker

Glitter Bows Vinyl Sticker

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Glitter Bows Vinyl Sticker!

This adorable sticker has a glitter holographic background! It features three adorable bows! One is thin with green and purple ribbon, another is thicker with a pink and blue lines design, and the last is pink with orange accents! This 3-inch sticker is made of high-quality die cut waterproof vinyl!

The cutest sticker for anyone in their coquette era! This simple sticker is just so girly! These bows would look so good on your laptop, water bottle, or notebook! Bows are super trendy right now, so this sticker is a must! The sparkly background will make this bow stand out! The best way to add a bit of your personality to every aspect of your life! If you're looking for a simple sticker to throw in the mix these bows are perfect! Such a unique sticker to pop wherever you place it! These bows are perfect for anyone in their coquette era, but also loves some sparkle! Why have a boring bow sticker when you could have a holographic one! The cutest little bows to spice up your everyday items!

Treat your girly bestie to this fabulous sticker! This sticker is great for teenagers and college students in their bow era! If you're looking for a quick gift that any girl would love, this sticker is it! Gift this adorable bow sticker to your mom, sister, friends, or even grandma! The best bow for your friends who love sparkles! This sticker would make a great birthday or just because gift! Pair this incredible bow sticker with one of our bow happy birthday card to give a themed gift! You can even grab this sticker and a few others to redecorate your laptop! Check out our whole collection of unique stickers! Designs include icons, patterns, saying, foods, animals, and more! Upgrade your style with your favorite stickers! We also have a whole collection of coquette-inspired products featuring trinket dishes, air fresheners, clips and so much more!

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