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I Am Cringe But I Am Free Ballpoint Pen

I Am Cringe But I Am Free Ballpoint Pen

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I Am Cringe But I Am Free Ballpoint Pen!

This beige pen has a pink cap and reads "I am cringe, but I am free" in red lettering and is decorated with red roses! Black ink!

The perfect pen to upgrade your office supplies! Sometimes we're all cringe, but we're free and that's all that matters! Use this pen as a reminder that being cringe is not. Bd things! This fantastic pen will get everyone laughing! Put a smile on your friends face when you pull out this pen! Why use boring pens when can write with this colorful one! The best pen to do you everyday note taking and work with! If you're looking for a way to elevate your everyday items this pen is perfect! Great for corporate girlies who are just being cringe and free at work! If you relate to this pen then you need it! The most iconic pen to get everyone talking at the office! This pen would look so good on your bedside table, desk, coffee table or wherever you could use the reminder! A great pen to throw in your purse, tote or backpack so you always have it! Use this pen in the workplace to get everyone laughing!

Treat your cringe bestie to this fabulous ballpoint pen! This pen would make a great gift for teenagers or college students! This pen is a practical and cute gift that can be used to write with and used for decoration! Such a simple and thoughtful gift! Give this pen to your bestie who is unironically cringe! Gift this adorable pen to your mom, sister or friends who is just so cringe! Get everyone smiling when you gift this amazing pen! The cutest pen great for birthdays or just because gifts! If you're looking for an easy gift that anyone would love this little pen is perfect! Who cares if you're cringe as long as you're free! Pair this fantastic pen with one of our journals to give a great gift! You can even grab this pen and a few stickers for a happy little present! Check out our whole stationery collection while you're here! We have a variety of journals, calendars, sticky notes, pen sets, to-do lists and more! Choose your favorite products to elevate your desk this season! 

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