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Let's Dilly Dally Vinyl Sticker

Let's Dilly Dally Vinyl Sticker

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Let's Dilly Dally Vinyl Sticker!

This adorable sticker has a bright yellow background and reads "Let's Dilly Dally" in bright pink bubble lettering with purple shadows! This 3" vinyl sticker is water and weather proof!

The best sticker for anyone who loves to wonder! This sticker is the best way to send a funny message! If you love to just waste time then this sticker is for you! The perfect sticker to let everyone know your just messing around! These bright colors create such a fun aesthetic! If you love to walk around with nothing to do then this sticker is for you! Let everyone know you don't have a destination with this fun sticker! This hilarious sticker would look so good on your laptop, notebook or water bottle! The funniest sticker to remind everyone that dilly dallying is okay! If you love to have a good time doing nothing then you need this sticker! Spread the word that dilly dallying is in! The funniest sticker for people who love to kill time! If you have too much time on your hands then you need this sticker!

Gift your crazy bestie this hilarious sticker! This sticker is great for teenagers and college students who are always bored! If your bestie is always asking you to wonder around with her then she needs this sticker! This sticker will spread a hilarious message! This fun sticker would make a great birthday or just because gift! If you're looking for a simple present to make your friends smile this sticker is perfect! If your bestie is always having a good time then she needs this sticker! A great gift for moms, sisters or friends that just love to spend time with each other! Pair this fun sticker with one of our fun totes for all your dilly dallying! You can even grab one of our fabulous keychains and pair it with this sticker to give a fun present! While you're here check out our whole collection of unique stickers! Designs include patterns, icons, animals, foods and quotes! Choose your favorite stickers to spice up your life!

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